Delivering graphic services on productions is the core of our company. Ranging from one-off shows to complete channels, we have a long experience in finding the exact right solution for any project. We use a combination of our in-house developed products and 3rd party products to give the optimal result. Our operators have experience in sports, entertainment shows, events, festivals, game shows and corporate internal television. We integrate your own graphics, or design it according to your requirements.

By combining our different services and products we can provide you with a turnkey graphics and data collection solution. We have pictured that in this project timeline, and we are able to provide one, more or all of these steps.


Carefully planning the scope of the project with you, our client, is key for us. A transparrent project overview will leave the both of us at ease.01

Our awesome designers can design for you, or you can supply us with your own designs to implement.02

The implementation of the graphics is programmed by our competent software developers to accommodate your project specific needs, every time.03

Our proficient operators will be there to setup the system for launch and operate the system once live. From massive live events to prerecorded entertainment shows – we got you covered.04

Even after launch, projects like these are often optimized through iterative development. We keep optimizing throughout the whole process.05

We host the projects both locally and online on our machines, so everything is backed up and safe. Moreover, this makes picking up a previous project quicker and easier.06


Final 4, EHF Champions League

World feed graphic production, statistics, result service, commentator information system (CIS) and design.

European Qualifiers

World feed and studio graphic production, match analysis (Libero) and ass. producer.


Danish charity-show